Regional Thinning

Ocak 26, 2021
Vaser Liposuction
Even if you lose weight with diet and exercise, getting rid of the regional and stubborn fat is unfortunately, sometimes not possible. The miraculous effect of Vaser (Vibration Amplification of […]
Aralık 10, 2016
ULTRASHAPE V3 Safe and Effective Body Shaping More and more patients are looking for solutions to look better each day, but most of the patients do not want to deal […]
Aralık 8, 2016
Cellulite Treatments
CELLULITE; It is the deterioration of fatty tissue. The medical name Hydro-Lypo is a dystrophic, quitonized appearance in which the superficial fat groups lose their water and fat retaining properties […]
Aralık 8, 2016
Cold Lipolysis (Proshock ICE)
Cold lipolysis is a controlled, regional skin cooling method that makes fat cells freeze and make them disappear. In fact, it is a well-known fact that fat cells enter the […]
Aralık 8, 2016
V-Shape (RF+Ultrasound)
With V Shape, belly and hip region oils, cellulite treatment, body tightening are possible. V Shape technology provides the fastest, most effective, lasting and definitive treatment in the definitive solution […]
Aralık 8, 2016
Presso Therapy
Pressotherapy; Is a pressure therapy applied from the soles of the feet to under the chest with pressure stimuli, starting from the lymph nodes in the body. With devices capable […]
Aralık 8, 2016
Cold Radiofrequency
Regional Slimming with Cold Radiofrequency It is a comfortable and comfortable operation to make it faster, less anesthesia and interventional process in decreasing regional fattening, especially when it reduces regional […]
Aralık 8, 2016
RF Resolution Slimming
Radiofrequency technology ensures that dietary and exhaustive localized fats are disintegrated by heat and thrown away through the lymphatic channels. Radio waves activate the water molecules and ions (sodium-potassium-calcium-magnesium) in […]
Aralık 8, 2016
Infrared Slimming
The heat increase brought about by the infra-red light in the tissues accelerates the metabolism and allows the stored oils to break down. Infrared, which is intended to reduce local […]